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The Uptown’s clean design and moderate size offer endless possibilities for style and expression.

The built-in guillotine door and screen glide smoothly on vertical rails using bearings and duo counterweights. The same fluid motion is used in a tilt-forward system for easy cleaning and servicing. Both the guillotine and tilt-forward systems simplify loading, operation, and maintenance while providing safety to those wanting the experience of a 600 in2 view of a beautiful, open, crackling fire.


  • 600 square inches of glass
  • Built-in guillotine door and screen system
  • Ultra-smooth refractory bricks produced using steel molds
  • Easy front-tilt door and screen for cleaning and maintenance
  • Heat Recovery System (HRS) The Uptown 600 includes a Heat Recovery System (HRS) to distribute heat throughout the home using ducts.