Valcourt FP18 Dallaire

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Unique on the market, the Dallaire high-efficiency fireplace stands out thanks to its double retractable cast iron doors. These are slided on each side of the combustion chamber to free up the space in front of the appliance and offer a clear view of the flames. Used with its doors closed, the Dallaire is perfect for heating your space. It can also be used in ambiance mode all year round with the retractable doors opened and a firescreen door (optional) to fully enjoy the fire.

The perfect complement to the Valcourt line of high-efficiency fireplaces, the Dallaire offers five choices of louvers to customize your appliance's faceplate and match your decor. Thanks to its efficient double combustion certified according to the strictest environmental standards, this fireplace provides a clean and comfortable source of heat for spaces up to 2500 ft².


  • Overall firebox volume-ft³ : 3.0
  • Recommended heating area-ft² : 750 - 2,500
  • Maximum burn time : () 9 h