Valcourt FP10 Lafayette II

Wood Fireplaces

- High Efficiency Wood Fireplace, Traditional Wood Fireplace

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medium room

Like the great French general, the Valcourt team has been able to use its tactical skills to upgrade this non-catalytic unit, so that it perfectly combines the new heating technology with all its elegance.

Customize your fireplace: five faceplate louvers as well as black or brushed nickel door overlays are available to enhance your decor. In addition to offering a distinctive look, the appliance follows the most restrictive EPA regulations, making it the fireplace of choice for those who want to use wood as a renewable and clean source of heat.


  • Recommended heating area 750 - 2,200
  • Overall firebox volume : 2.5
  • Maximum heat output (dry cordwood)80,000 BTU/h (23.4 kW)
  • Non-catalytic
  • Maximum log length 20"