Ambiance Pizzero®

Barbeques, Outdoor Kitchens

- Portable Gas

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A “pizzero” refers to a person who makes or prepares pizzas. The term is derived from the word “pizza,” the popular Italian dish who has become a favorite in America. The Ambiance Pizzero® Pizza Oven will help you elevate your skills in the art of creating and serving restaurant style pizzas. The Pizzero® is portable and works on propane. Easy to use for both professional pizza chefs and amateurs who make pizzas as a hobby to share with friends and family.

The Ambiance Pizzero® Pizza Oven comes standard with a peel, a cover, a 15mm thick ceramic base and a very convenient 6-foot long propane hose. The best of its kind!


  • 900°F in minutes
  • 14-inch wide opening
  • Cooks a pizza under 2 minutes