Ambiance Elegance 40 Contemporary

Wood Fireplaces

- High Efficiency Wood Fireplace, Modern Wood Fireplace, Traditional Wood Fireplace

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The Ambiance Elegance® Wood Fireplaces are the best there is. The Elegance® 40 offers a firebox where the back wall is narrower than the front. It allows for a better transfer of radiant heat into the room compared the ‘square shaped’ fireboxes. Still featuring Soapstone for the optimal heat management as it absorbs 15% more heat than firebrick and radiates heat 5 times more than firebrick. Enjoy the patented air control for the most advanced combustion technology there is on the Market!


  • Soapstone Lined
  • Clean Face Fronts
  • 3.2 Cubic Foot Firebox
  • 90 000 BTU'S
  • 23" Logs