Pacific Energy Alderlea T4 LE

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- Traditional Wood Stove

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The Alderlea T4 LE incorporates all the features of a true Alderlea woodstove: a huge glass window for a clean view of the flame, a cooktop, efficient heat output and unmatched ease of use. It’s a powerful, reliable source of heat with old world charm and unmatched durability.


  • 56,000 BTU Cord Wood
  • Log Size 16"
  • Firebox Size 1.6 cu.ft.
  • Reliable, Durable Catalytic-Free Technology
  • Extended Burn Technology (EBT)
  • Airwash Technology for clear, clean glass
  • Cast iron over steel firebox construction
  • Easy to use ash disposal system
  • Fits close wall clearances without heat shields
  • Available in Ivory or Majoica Brown